Pamela Nease

Agent/Broker at Second Story Real Estate Manag in Chattanooga, TN

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Second Story Real Estate Manag

715 Cherry Street Ste 206 Chattanooga, TN 37402
423-682-8241 [Office]
706-270-1202 [Mobile]

As a developer, landlord and property manager of a 24,000 sf MOB for the past 7 years, Pam took the next step to help other people get the best deals in healthcare real estate. Pam uses her 17 year experience in practice development to help providers understand their options in purchasing, selling and leasing real estate. Her goal is to broker the best deal for her clients and see them achieve their financial goals with their property from the start of the transaction search and valuation to advising them on floor plan efficiency, patient experience and revenue per square foot.

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Tennessee Real Estate License: 354011
Georgia Real Estate License: 401272

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Masters, MBA/MHA
University of Florida 1998

University of Florida, 1998